What I learned in Naples

I have never been so far south in Italy. The furthest I got so far was Rome. And that was during a different period in my life. I don’t think I actually noticed any differences to Tuscany while there. Nowadays I walk with open eyes through new places and recognize the diverse cultures. Italy is not the same everywhere. So here is what I learned in Naples. Yours, Pollybert

1.) A zuppa is not a soup but something with bread inside and just a little broth and very spicy.

zuppa di polpo @Da Patrizia

2.) Most of the toilets have no lid. Greece has a better quota on this one.

3.) Spritz is the local drink of choice. And so good! Even when you drink it out of plastic cups!

Peppe Spritz @Naples

5.) The price of Aperol Spritz varies from 2,- to 7,- Euro

6.) Caponata is not a vegetarian stew with eggplant and tomato like in Sicily but in Naples a salad with bread.

7.) Chili is the preferred spice of Naples.

8.) Babá is a sweet that gets drenched in rum.

9.) Lemons have the size of pomegranates.

the lemons of Ischia

10.) Graffiti is everywhere and apparently the preferred art form.

looks like Eros Ramazotti with long hair @Naples

11.) Garbage disposal is on the street. I wonder if there are no bins in the houses.

just drop your garbage on the street @Naples

12.) A car has to be damaged. I haven’t seen one car without a scratch at least.

13.) Soccer is a way of life and is therefore watched everywhere at all times. What a shame that Italy was not playing in the World Cup!

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