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The summer in Vienna can be challenging. One moment it’s hot, the other raining. So it’s best to go for dinner at a place that offers a refuge from both. Hollerkoch is such a place with a long stretched backyard partly covered. Perfect for any weather especially when you are only four persons. With five it can get tricky.

We recently visited this newly opened place and were pleasantly surprised. Not only was the garden  a match but also the kitchen delivers. Moreover the service is pleasantly relaxed in a very efficient way.

backyard @Hollerkoch

With the weather so hot we ordered rather reduced. Nonetheless we managed to try a good selection. First up was a red beet tartar with avocado and apricot. The presentation was stunning and the combination as well. I never thought that this would work. What a nice surprise.

red beet tartar with avocado @Hollerkoch

I as usual went for the meat version of the tartar. Although the tartar was cut and not ground (which I normally prefer) it was excellent. Tasty, well seasoned with nicely toasted bread and the ever popular avocado. Overall a great summer dish.

beef tartar with avocado @Hollerkoch

You can never go wrong with a good curry on a hot evening. The vegetarian version of the Thai curry had indeed a good selection of different vegetables inside and had only a hint of spice.

Thai curry @Hollerkoch

From the far east to the east we go with the next dish which was an oriental salad. The salad comes with falafel, two different kinds of hummus and the ever-present avocado. Great idea to serve the lime dressing on the side.

Oriental Salad @Hollerkoch

Of course the tour around the world wouldn’t be complete with something from the US. This comes in form of a Ceasar Salad. Although the portion looks small (not really sure why it was only on one side of the plate) my friend couldn’t finish it. There was quite a generous helping of chicken on it.

Ceasar Salad @Hollerkoch

We really had a very good time at Hollerkoch and the food was good. Looking back though I don’t see that the kitchen has a line. It is all over the place from east to west and everything is good but nothing is memorable. Which is a shame because the tartar was excellent. Also the service really elevates this place. A friendly face and a quick drink refill go a long way.

The menu though gives the place a rather hipster atmosphere. It will not matter though since in this area of Vienna good restaurants are far and few in between. Let’s give the kitchen some time to settle. Come fall I will be back with more friends. Yours, Pollybert

1180 Wien, Gersthoferstraße 14
Tel: +43 660 860 94 01
Email: info@hollerkoch.at
Tue-Sat: 08:00-24:00


  1. With five it can be tricky – I was the fifth 😉

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