Glückskind mit Vater by Christoph Hein: How a dead father can influence your whole life when you live in the former DDR. Even though the storyteller was a lucky child (hence the name Glückskind = darling of fortune) for his mother, his luck runs short for him. Around every corner the ghost of his father, a Nazi collaborator, waits and hinders his way. Sometimes he has no choice but only one way which is open to him. So life puts him on a different path than he himself would have wanted.


Gemina (The Illuminae Files, Part 2) by Amie Kaufman, Jay Kristoff: I am not sure if it was only my kindle version or if the book is just better in paperback (I checked and it is better on paper). That doesn’t change the fact though that the story is fast-paced and just pulls you along. Really love the setting somewhere in the future in some far away place in space. YA is always exciting and when the females are also kick-ass, so much the better! Can’t wait to read book 3.


Top Ten by Katie Cotugno: I love this story about best friends and how good they are together. Not all relationships are the same and sometimes a friendship can be as complicated as a relationship. How they met the first time and then go through high school together is fun. The story is all about the top ten lists  Which feature everything from cute to awkward. Life as a teenager is never easy. But with a friend on your side you have at least someone to talk about your problems.


Obsidio (The Illuminae Files, Part 3) by Amie Kaufman, Jay Kristoff: I was ‘ripping’ through the pages of this book. What a story and what a will to survive. The homicidal super computer is again working its magic only to later f*ck up in a big way. Life doesn’t get any easier with AIDAN around. We meet another couple in this story and of course they are up against all the possible YA tragedies. Which makes it perfect. I love these kind of stories and this was a fun trilogy to read!

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