Breakfast at Süsswasser

Sometimes having to wait for a specialty shop to open has the advantage of free time on my hands. I decided to have breakfast instead of shopping somewhere else and sat down on the terrace of Süsswasser. Although it was hot and sunny the terrace is in the shade in the morning and a little wind made the whole experience pleasant.

terrace with restaurant/shop in the back @Süsswasser

The waiter was super friendly and brought me coffee in under a minute or so. Lovely to see a smiling face first thing in the morning. The coffee by the way was delicious. I drink mine black and this one had a fine balanced note.

I ordered ham and eggs which were absolutely delicious. Such a simple dish but so much can go wrong. Not here though. The ham was nicely fried with a slight crisp touch and the eggs soft and with runny yolk. I liked especially the drizzle of olive oil which brought the whole thing together. With the accompanying bread I wiped the plate clean. So good!

ham and eggs @Süsswasser

I just needed something sweet to end my breakfast. What I got was a small tartufino. It’s a small praline with chocolate, nuts and a hint of cherry. The perfect size for hot summer days!

small chocolate treat @Süsswasser

This is definitely a place that will see me again. The atmosphere is so relaxed and although it is a street terrace the traffic is minimal. The service really surprised me. So much friendliness or courtesy is rare in Vienna where we pride ourselves that the bad mood of the waiters is part of our Viennese charm. So fabulous to get disabused of this notion.

Inside, besides a couple of tables, you can also buy some select products. Next time I need to shop a bit and try their breakfast with fish. Yours, Pollybert

1060 Wien, Theobaldgasse 16
Tel: +43 676 648 9474
Mon-Fri: 09:00-20:00, Sat: 09:00-18.00

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