A week on Thassos

Going to Greece every summer has become a tradition. And every year it is a new island. Last year it was Zakynthos, this year we have decided to go to Thassos which is the northernmost Greek isle. The island is very green and mountainous. It is also the first island where I have experienced rain in June. And not just for one day but actually for three. Therefore our vacation turned out a little bit different than usual.

To get to Thassos you fly into Kavala. From there to the port it is about 15 minutes by cab and another 45 minutes with the ferry. You arrive on the island in no time. Our destination was Golden Beach where we stayed at Studios Corali. Golden Beach is exactly as it sounds: it’s an endless sandy beach (about 2km) full of hotels. The actual village, Skala Potamia, is at one end of the beach and of course it was the other end from our apartment.

Due to this unfortunate weather situation we didn’t explore the beaches of the island but stayed whenever the sun was shining on our beach. Interestingly enough the beach bars have different concepts concerning the sun loungers. Some are free with consumption others not, so choose wisely. The beach itself is gorgeous and there is enough space to relax.

Golden Beach from the far side @Thassos

finally sunshine for the Golden Beach @Thassos

sometimes even an umbrella was necessary on Golden Beach @Thassos

Thassos by the way is a family island. So if you want to party this is the wrong place. What you can do though is beach hopping when the weather allows it. I checked beforehand and there are many lovely beaches all around the island including a unique rock pool.

Rain gives you to option to go sightseeing. And Thassos is made for this. We limited ourselves to a tour of Limenas town though. It was pouring on that day (to get the idea, watch here) and we made it to the outdoor section of the archeological museum and the museum itself. One wouldn’t suspect such a wide selection of statues and sculptures here. A giant Kouros already graces the entrance.

the Kouros of Thassos

from a Poseidon temple @Thassos

a Roman Emperor probably @Thassos

Unfortunately the weather permitted only a tour of the outside area of the museum and not a walk to the ancient theater. At least we managed to walk around there without getting wet.

ancient city of Limenas @Thassos

Greek pillars @Thassos

I am sure you can do more on this island because we chose to go there for all its sight. We only managed a visit of Limenas and spent the rest of the time holed up in coffee shops around Golden Beach or on the beach whenever possible. If you got luckier with the weather there, let me know. Yours, Pollybert

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