What you have to taste while on Thassos

Greek food is always great and I love eating it while discovering another island! I might repeat myself here but every Greek island has some unique dishes. Thassos was no different in this point. Actually some of these dishes were quite a revelation to us foodies. Hindered by bad weather to really explore the island, we instead dove right into the culinary scene of this microcosmos. Thassos was interesting in regards to food to say the least. The Turkish influence is clearly visible in the kitchen and beyond. No wonder, the Turks only left in 1912.

We ate mostly somewhere around Golden Beach. Our favorite tavern were Beba Greek Taverna and Pefka Golden Beach. But there were also some other memorable meals. In any case, here are the dishes I liked best. Yours, Pollybert

the Saganaki was absolutely the best @Beba Greek Tavern

stuffed wine leaves and some kind of couscous salad @Pefka Golden Beach

lunch in Limenas with cabbage salad, stuffed eggplant, kleftiko and lamb from the spit @ThassianDoukas

Greek salad, souvlaki, octopus cakes and meat stew on top of mashed chickpeas @Beba Greek Tavern

anchovies with lemon and spicy peppers @Pefka Golden Beach

grilled fish for three @Beba Greek Tavern

tarama salata and Greek salad @Pefka Golden Beach

stewed octopus in red wine sauce @Pefka Golden Beach

oven baked beef with feta @Pefka Golden Beach

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