Breakfast at The Guest House

The Guest House hotel and brasserie has a prime location. Guests who manage to snag a table outside have a direct view on the Albertina museum. Which might explain partly the really steep prices. Nevermind though, let’s talk about the food and if it is worth it.

The menu offers a couple of breakfast combinations, Eggs Benedict in different variations and a couple of extra dishes. If you go for one of the combinations be careful. They all come in separate dishes and your table might just be a bit too small.

a ladden table with breakfast combinations @The Guest House

I maybe mentioned once or twice before that I love Eggs Benedict. It is my favorite breakfast special and wherever it is available I will order it. The Guest House is so far the only place which offers one Egg Benedict and it is really only one egg. You can order two though. I decided to stick with the one egg and see how it works out.

When forced to choose I always go for the regular Egg Benedict which comes here with tomato pesto and an herbal sauce Hollandaise. I will show you the picture first.

Egg Benedict @The Guest House

Several things didn’t work here. Let’s start with the most obvious, the egg is not poached. Which has the benefit of no cooking water accidentally finding its way on my plate. Nonetheless, that’s not the real deal. The ham was bland. I had so much better ham in Vienna already with this dish. And then I was not really happy about the toast. But maybe that was just me. It didn’t add anything to the dish except soak up the enormous amount of sauce Hollandaise. It’s one thing to be generous and another to go completely overboard.

But the biggest issue was the tomato pesto which gave the whole thing an acid tang. The thought behind it was probably to cut the rich sauce but it just ruined the overall taste. No, that was not good.

My friend ordered the Egg Florentine and fared a lot better. First of all she knew about the tomato pesto issue, so clever of her to go with the spinach instead.

Egg Florentine @The Guest House

The spinach portion is more than generous as well, but has here the benefit to really soak up the sauce. This was a lovely combination especially with the added pine nuts. The sauce Hollandaise had, according to the menu, cheese in it. I couldn’t taste it though.

Both portions were big enough so you don’t need an extra egg. The sauce and the thick cut toast underneath make for a long-lasting breakfast. There was no room for even the smallest sweet bite.

Service was friendly and very efficient. The whole place has a very relaxed and understated vibe to it. I really liked sitting there but next time I might just eat a cake from their own bakery for breakfast. Yours, Pollybert


The Guest House
1010 Wien, Führichgasse 10
Tel: +43 1 512 13 20 15
Mon-Sun: 06:30-00:00

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