Norway in a nutshell

Bergen is not only the second biggest city of Norway, it is also the gate to the fjords. So whatever you do when in Bergen, make also time for a fjord trip. Norway in a nutshell is a tailor-made tour from Fjord Tours which allows you to see the best of western Norway in a day. Would I do it again? No, not like this.

The tour is basically a ten-hour road trip which starts on the train and then goes on with bus, boat, train and another train. Do you see a lot? Yes, definitely. Did I enjoy it? Not so much. On hindsight it would be a lot more pleasant if I had organized it myself with an overnight stop in Flåm. There is a lot more to see than just changing from boat to Flåm train. The whole trip felt rushed to me and I think you can do better by taking your time with an extra day. Also note that this is not a guided tour. The package you book is only for the transportation.

Nonetheless there is a reason why this is the most popular of the fjord tours. The trip is just amazing because nature can’t get any better. We were even lucky enough to get a little bit of sunshine which made the pictures look spectacular. Yours, Pollybert

the tour @Norway in a Nutshell

on the way from Bergen to Voss (picture taken from moving train) @Bergen

from Voss to Gudvangen (picture taken on the bus) @Bergen

the Nærøyfjord seen from Gudvangen @Bergen

Once on board the weather started clearing up and the fjords showed themselves from their best side.

cruising on the Nærøyfjord @Bergen

crossing into the Aurlandsfjord @Bergen

Finally click here to get an impression how the fjord looks in sunshine.

leaving the boat in Flåm @Bergen

on the Flåm train to Myrdal @Bergen

only sporadic houses on the way to Myrdal @Bergen

Kjossfossen waterfall (photo stop on the Flåm train) @Bergen

finally arriving in Myrdal @Bergen


  1. Done the trip with two overnight stops
    It can be arranged together with the transportation.
    Next time I will arrange for some more stops.
    Is a outstanding experience.

    • Yes, I think so too. It is for sure better with an overnight stay.

    • Where do you recommend spending the night while on the Nutshell tour. I am traveling independently and would like to do the Nutshell with overnight stops.

      • Hello Susan,

        I would try from Flam or rather Flåm. It’s about halfway in the middle and lots of people who had booked a tour stayed there overnight. It looked like the kind of place you can explore while staying overnight as well get a decent meal. Enjoy your trip, Pollybert

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