MAST Weinbistro

In the heart of the 9th district lies the MAST Weinbistro. From the outside you can miss it easily but once you have been inside, it will not happen again. The front room with a bar area and a couple of tables with high chairs leads to a bigger room in the back. Here MAST is no so much wine bar as bistro.

dining room @MAST Weinbistro

I got a table in the back room (reservation is a must) and we started our meal with bread and butter. Ask for the regular butter if you don’t like the creamy one (how can one do this to butter?). The bread is fantastic, great taste and has a nice crust.

bread and butter @MAST Weinbistro

We both ordered carrots and amaranth with bone marrow mayonnaise. I found the carrots a bit too pickled and otherwise bland. All in all not my favorite dish. The marrow mayonnaise on the other hand was great and with the bread and excellent starter.

carrots with amaranth @MAST Weinbistro

We also both had the same next course. A char tartar with cauliflower. This was amazing. I think the cauliflower was raw and just finely ground. The mixture was amazing and the char well marinated with salt lemons and black olives.

char tartar with cauliflower @MAST Weinbistro

Arriving at the main course we finally split in two directions. I went for the sweetbread with mashed potatoes, oyster mushrooms and shallots. Normally I am not really into sweetbread. I like it but I wouldn’t order it. Here I had an advantage though. I had a friend going for dinner at MAST Weinbistro just two nights before and she told me I had to get it. That it was by far the best dish. And she was right. The sweetbread comes all natural with the usual fried crust. It was so tender, tasty and overall just to die for. An amazing dish!

sweetbread with mashed potatoes and shallots @MAST Weinbistro

My friend ordered sheatfish with Jerusalem artichoke, cabbage and lardo. She loved it! The cabbage was a spiced with paprika which gave the whole dish a very hearty touch. Exactly the right thing for a cold evening.

sheatfish with Jerusalem artichoke @MAST Weinbistro

For dessert I was eating the Austrian version of French toast, which is ‘Arme Ritter’. It came with a plum compote and marzipan. Quite fancy for this dish. But the taste, heavenly! The brioche was soft but also had a nice butter crunch, the plum sauce a good level of acidity which cut the calories maybe not in half but it felt like it.

french toast the Austrian way @MAST Weinbistro

The service of MAST Weinbistro is super friendly. Imagine having a reservation and then not showing up. Happened to me because I was sure I had reserved for the next day. The friendly guy on the phone not only believed me but made it possible that we could come the next day. While dining the staff was attentive and friendly. I liked how the each choice of drink was explained in detail. Best of all this place is not far from me. It will definitely see me again. Yours, Pollybert

MAST Weinbistro
1090 Wien, Porzellangasse 53
Tel: +43 1 9226679
Email: 01 9226679
Wed-Fri: 12:00-14:00; 18:00-22:00 & Sat-Sun: 18:00-22:00

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