Breakfast at ON Market

Saturday is my breakfast day. Usually I spend it at the Naschmarkt just for coffee, once in a while though I need something more nourishing. So when I saw that ON Market had a new breakfast menu I was all for trying it. Especially since they are offering a Vietnamese breakfast which I love.

It was still warm enough to sit outside. Even though the terrace is right next to one of the busiest streets in Vienna, it’s still comfortable to lean on the house wall and catch some sun.

outdoor seating @ON Market

The Vietnamese breakfast combo comes with a hot drink of your choice and a small fruit salad. The soup was good but for sure not Vietnamese. The broth was tasty and could have worked well but the noodles were ramen noodles and not made of rice. Furthermore I have never ever in all my travels seen two fried eggs on top of a pho.

Vietnamese breakfast @ON Market

Sadly this was a disappointment when it comes to Vietnamese style breakfast. Don’t get me wrong, the soup was quite okay. But the name implies something else and this was not delivered. Also the eggs on top of the soup just don’t belong there. Service as usual was quick and attentive. It is still a regular lunch spot for me, but for breakfast I will try something else. Yours, Pollybert

ON Market
1060 Wien, Linke Wienzeile 36
Tel: +43 1 5811250
Mon-Sun: 08:00-02:00

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