More impressions of Bari

Bari was such a change of scenery for one weekend. First of all the beach, but then as well the different architectural style. There are quite a few pictures left which didn’t fit in the story before. So here we go.Yours, Pollybert

This pillar saw debtors paying their dues. Must have been hot being tied to the pillar in the noon heat and getting lashed.

Colonna della Giustizia @Bari

view on the old town from the harbour @Bari

streets too narrow for cars @Bari

detail from the inside of the Castello Normanno-Svevo @Bari

A small devotional corner. All over the city you could see such things. I love this one despite the buckets underneath. It’s bright and full of stars, taking a moment here surely uplifts you.

devotional corner @Bari

Measuring by the many antennas the old town of Bari is still inhabited.

looking onto the old town @Bari

I am not sure what these animals are. But they are doing a great job as ‘watch dogs’ guarding the entrance into the Basilica.

animals guarding the portal of the Basilica San Nicola @Bari

quiet streets during the noon heat @Bari

small market underneath a devotional @Bari

a view on the Cathedral Saint Sabinus @Bari

aperol spritz is always a great choice for a sundowner @Bari

The “Archway of Wonders” built to unite to star-crossed lovers @Bari

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