A weekend in Amsterdam

My favorite way to discover a new city is by walking around. A lot! So this is what we did once we arrived in the city of Amsterdam. Already the railway station was beautiful to look at. We just needed the weather to improve.

train station @Amsterdam

After checking into the gorgeous INK Hotel Amsterdam we found ourselves next to the Old church in the heart of the Red Light District to start with our free walking tour. I didn’t get the church on any picture, but I loved all the bicycles which were parked right alongside.

bicycle parking at Oude Kerk @Amsterdam

To be honest I cannot remember in detail what we have seen while on this tour. It was a cold morning and we five girls just tried to keep up with the group and stay warm. I do have a couple of pictures though from our tour which was extremely interesting and informing as usual. The guide told us that in former times the tax was measured by the width of the house. No wonder the narrowest house is in Amsterdam.

somewhere in the center @Amsterdam

bicycles and water wherever you go @Amsterdam

Begijnhof which was founded during the Middle Ages @Amsterdam

one of the many narrow houses @Amsterdam

While in Amsterdam you should also take a canal tour. The boats were warm while outside the winter had the city still in its grip. Unfortunately the windows were not clean but you can still see the sights. Even if it is like behind a veil.

canal boat tours everywhere @Amsterdam

canal tour @Amsterdam

Also a place to stay warm is a museum. Amsterdam offers an abundance of really interesting museums, so take your time to explore them. We went to a couple of them, amongst others the Van Gogh Museum.

Van Gogh Museum @Amsterdam

It was lovely being back in Amsterdam, especially since the last time was more than 25 years ago. I definitely need more time though and would like to see it in warmer weather. Maybe rent a bike and just get around the city like the locals. Yours, Pollybert

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