Bak Restaurant

Bak restaurant puts together a daily menu with local products at their best. In short this is exactly what you need when you visit. Great quality of local produce. Together with the location which is a bit out of the center in an old warehouse, the experience of Bak restaurant is unique.

dining room @Bak restaurant

Our first course was an amuse guele. It was a mix of radish, unripe strawberries, and roasted thyme. This fresh combination felt like a cleanser. Certainly the perfect start for a meal.

radish and unripe strawberries @Bak restaurant

Next up was the beetroot course which came with rhubarb and seaweed. Not really sure what the yellow dots were but the combination was good.

beetroot course @Bak restaurant

Another starter was squid with spinach and plums. Where the plums were coming from at this time of year is a different question. I liked it though.

squid with spinach @Bak restaurant

The celeriac course was three small ‘dumplings’ filled with cheese and wild garlic. The sauce got its color and taste from roasted onions and more celeriac.

celeriac course @Bak restaurant

We then moved on the main course which was a pike-perch with mashed potatoes and kale.

pike-perch with kale @Bak restaurant

After that followed two sweet courses. Firstly the apple one with hazelnut and lovage. This palate cleanser got us ready for real dessert.

apple sorbet with hazelnut @Bak restaurant

Secondly, a goat cheese yogurt ice cream with lemony taste, caramel at the bottom and a coffee cookie. Topped by a barley crunch.

barley course with goat cheese ice cream @Bak restaurant

Although this might seem like a lot, the portions were reasonable. I didn’t feel full after dinner. I liked the interesting combinations throughout dinner and our vegetarian friend had no problem getting a couple of substitutes. In conclusion a lovely dinner location with a memorable meal. Yours, Pollybert


Bak Restaurant
1013 CR Amsterdam, Van Diemenstraat 408
Tel: +31 20 7372 553
Wed-Fri: 19:00-01:00. Sat, Sun: 12:30-01:00

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