Home Café – permanently closed

It might be the only Icelandic place in Vienna but it definitely brings Iceland to my city. The Home Café works its charm with the mix of differently matched furniture.

dining room @Home Café

Also when I asked for water a whole jug was placed in front of me. This has never happened to me before in Vienna. But it did every time in Iceland. That made me very happy already.

The menu during the day is small but delicious. I went with the dish of the day which was rice curry with tandoori haddock. The combination works since the haddock comes in one piece with curry underneath. The one bowl dish has everything you need from salad to chutney and some bread. Best of all was the fish, juicy, well seasoned and cooked right to the point.

tandoori haddock with curry rice @Home Café

The milk rice which I tried for dessert was not so great. I think it got heated in the microwave and was actually way too hot when it was served. The whipped cream had already started to melt by the time it arrived in front of me.

milk rice with cinnamon @Home Café

But never mind there is no need for dessert when the fish is great. According to the menu the fish comes fresh from the Icelandic market and is never frozen. And that’s exactly how it tastes.

An overall friendly atmosphere and judging by the many Scandinavian people the place is authentic (can’t vouch if they were all Icelanders, but the language was from somewhere north). Also I find it compares well to what I experienced in Reykjavik but a lot easier on your wallet. So, dig in. Yours, Pollybert


Home Café
1090 Wien, Spitalgasse 3
Tel: +43 1 4024365
Email: eat@home-cafe.at
Tue-Sat: 11:00-24:00

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