The museums of Amsterdam

Amsterdam is always worth a trip. When going in winter though (or what feels like winter in spring) you will need to adjust your sightseeing program to keep warm. We decided to tour the museums and since we knew in advance of the cold spell we booked most tickets online. The added benefit is a shorter line-up and less waiting time. These are the museums we managed to visit during our long weekend. Yours, Pollybert

Van Gogh Museum: The exhibition always shows different master-pieces of Van Gogh. Years ago I had a book of his paintings and I was very much looking forward to the painting of this Irises. Unfortunately it was not on display, so I had to look around for another favorite. I liked the Wheatfield with a Reaper as well though.

Wheatfield with a Reaper from Van Gogh @Amsterdam

Rijksmuseum: We did the Rijksmuseum shortly after lunch time and the line-up was not too bad. The museum is full of masters and I am sure you can spend days here. But who has this amount of time if you are just a tourist? So we settled on the 20 best according to the app of the museum. It gives you a great overview of the place, which is by itself also a really interesting architectural building.

entrance hall of the Rijksmuseum @Amsterdam

The museum has a lot more on display than The Night Watch, but it is quite captivating to be honest. I was looking at it for a bit as well.

The Night Watch by Rembrandt @Amsterdam

But I also liked this ship model. No idea anymore what it was and how old. But it was really imposing. Other people thought so too.

ship model in the Rijksmuseum @Amsterdam

Willet-Holthuysen Museum: This house was built at the end of the 17th century and then redone at the beginning of the next one. It still looks this way today. A visit to this museum gives a fascinating insight in how the rich lived in former times. You can visit three floors, from the kitchen to the bed chambers. I think in summer you can also enjoy the garden.

who doesn’t like statues in his staircase as seen here in the Willet-Holthuysen Museum @Amsterdam

Anne Frank House: Shortly before my trip to Amsterdam I re-read the diary of Anne Frank. With the book fresh in my memory the visit to the warehouse, in which the family hid during WWII, made the horror all to real. The rooms were tiny and the lack of space combined with the necessity of staying quiet must have been nerve-racking. If you stay still for a bit you still feel the oppressive atmosphere.

Jewish Historical Museum: Four former Synagogues are now all under one roof and house the Jewish Historical Museum. I appreciated the introduction to Jewish religion. I can’t remember if we went over that in school at all. So a ‘refresher’ was welcome. But it also tackles the history of the Jewish population in Amsterdam/Netherlands and what happened later during WWII. Excellent information, quite unsettling sometimes.

Jewish Historical Museum @Amsterdam

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