Choux restaurant

Choux restaurant has a central location near the train station and is therefore easy to reach. The restaurant works with seasonal vegetables and manages to delight with vibrant colors as well as interesting taste pairings. There is a set menu with either three or four courses, described in minimalist style with a list of four ingredients. Do yourself a favor and trust the kitchen. They know what they are doing.

The atmosphere is relaxed and easy. It has more the appeal of a waiting room than a restaurant, but in a good way. Maybe it’s the tiled wall in the back or the big staircase in the room. Whatever it was, the place has charm.

dining room @Choux restaurant

We started with an amuse guele which was fried broccoli with sunflower seed cream and burned mackerel with apple sauce and barley. Served on an oyster shell.

mackerel with barley @Choux restaurant

Bread came with whipped butter which had in addition some cream cheese inside. So if a restaurant really has to whip the butter then please do likewise. The cream cheese above all made the whole thing edible again.

bread and butter with cream cheese @Choux Restaurant

Firstly we had a heart of lettuce with white strawberries, almonds, some kind of fresh cheese. The sauce on the side was a cream of lettuce, almonds and fig oil.

lettuce with almonds @Choux Restaurant

From the lettuce we moved on to a fish course. The cod swam in beurre blanc based on seaweed, leek and oysters. I remember it tasting delicious.

cod with beurre blanc @Choux Restaurant

Next was another vegetarian course which followed the fish. Morrels with cream of peas, peas, gnocchi, some roasted seeds, and verbena oil/sauce and some kind of root. I really love how they are doing the vegetables truly justice here. Just look at the colors.

gnocchi and peas @Choux Restaurant

Later we had a meat course. It was venison, in part roasted pink and in part a stew (neck and shoulder), with a cream of red beet and parsnips.

venison with red beet @Choux Restaurant

Finally we arrived at the dessert. The cream of pistachio set next to a semolina cake and a blood orange sorbet. Look at these bright colors again. They certainly beg you to dig in.

blood orange sorbet and cream of pistachio @Choux Restaurant

Choux Restaurant is in short a place which demands from your taste buds to pay attention. I especially loved the colorful details and the taste that came with it. It is true that we also eat with our eyes as well. Yours, Pollybert

Choux Restaurant
1011 AC Amsterdam, de Ruyterkade 128
Tel: +31 2 02 10 30 90
Tue-Fri: 12:00-14:00, Tue-Sat: 18:00-22:00

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