Ringer: Book Two of Replica by Lauren Oliver: the second book in the Replica series brings the story to an end. What a joy to not having to read the usual trilogy. The format is the same as in the first book. The tales of Lyra and Gemma cover the same time frame but are completely different. I really enjoyed this approach and I loved the realistic details. Not the cloning maybe, but are we really that far off? The discussion goes on about what makes us human. Food for thought!


After (The After Series, Book 1) by Anna Todd: The book was as cheesy as the cover suggests. Funnily enough, as stupid as the story is, the idiocy of teenagers and all the problems which come thereof still makes for a fantastic read. It drags you in and keeps you enthralled. Or rather up all night. I kept reading until 3am and then finished it the next while not talking with my friends. Unfortunately there are 4 more books in the series.


After We Collided (The After Series Book 2) by Anna Todd: The problems continue in book 2 and my understanding for the heroine wanes. The guy is a psychopath and she should be running away screaming. Also the bad writing wears me down as well. I tolerated it in the first one but by now it is nerve-racking. On the other hand I just learned from a friend that the story isn’t absurd after all. She just re-read her old diaries and they sound the same. So it’s actual well researched.


After We Fell (The After Series, Book 3) by Anna Todd: I can’t stop reading this story and by now it’s a hate-love. Tessa and Hardin are stuck in a vicious circle and I with them. There is no redemption for Hardin. Just reading his thoughts makes me angry. The guy is in need for a long-time therapy. And I am not sure what’s the point of painting a picture of such an unhealthy relationship. No girl ever should think it is okay that a guy is constantly manipulating and controlling her.

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