Okra Izakaya

I found the restaurant Okra Izakaya by chance through the comment section in a newspaper. I think the topic was ramen and where to get a good bowl. When I checked out the website though, I decided I should go for something else. I tried ramen twice and I am not such a fan.

We decided on sharing everything, so much better for tasting more. But it is a principle here in this restaurant. We started in the meal with the Tsukemono Set, three different kinds of salad. Radish and ginger, fennel with yuzu and kimchi with carrots. The kimchi was not spicy at all and I am not sure I noticed the carrots. But all three salads were a great start for a meal. Especially the fennel with yuzu tasted fresh and light.

Tsukemono Set @Okra Izakaya

The Tuna Tataki was seared tuna slices with dark vinegar onions, avocado and slaw. It tasted better without the slaw which for me was a bit on the sweet side. The tuna was of great quality, easy to take a bite from it.

The restaurant serves the roasted eggplant with a miso sesame sauce. Very tasty, but not easy to eat. As you can see the slices are quite big. So it’s more like shoveling all in than taking a bite.

We also got the edamame in a slightly spicy version and they arrived warm, tasty and so good!

eggplants, seared tuna and edamame @Okra Izakaya

But more was to come. We also ordered some spicy tuna maki. I love tuna and the spicy version is always such a treat. The maki tasted good. Not great but good.

spicy tuna maki @Okra Izakay

Overall the food was good, some things even great. But I wonder if should have given the ramen one more chance since it gets so hyped. The restaurant itself is quite small with an open kitchen. You definitely need a reservation if you want to go at a ”normal’ time. We only got a table for 6pm which was available for two hours. This is also the one thing that annoyed me. The moment you sit down you basically should be ready to order. The kitchen is quick, so there was no need for the rush. Definitely want to go again. Maybe really in a bigger group to share a bit more. Yours, Pollybert

Okra Izakaya
1020 Wien, Kleine Pfarrgasse 1
Tel: +43 69917527190
Mail: office@okra-izakaya.at
Tue-Sat: 12:00-22:00

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