Breakfast at Stroeck Feierabend

It was time to mix up my Saturday mornings and try something new for breakfast. I therefore decided to go to Stroeck Feierabend. Stroeck is a bakery chain in Austria and Feierabend means the time after you finish work for the day. I love this word, it’s really not used enough any more while it still means so much. And it describes the best feeling in the world: the moment you leave the office.

The restaurant manages to create exactly this atmosphere. Very relaxed, good lighting, fresh flowers and an abundance of displayed bread.

dining room, Stroeck Feierabend

We both ordered the French breakfast combination which comes with two onsen eggs á la Benedict, an extra croissant with Brie and an apricot chutney on the side. The eggs were interesting and I mean that in a good way. I ate onsen eggs the first time in Beijing and I knew what to expect.

The texture was perfect, clearly noticeable by the slight wobbling upon touching the plate. Also the sauce Mornay was fantastic, silky smooth and nicely seasoned. Nice touch to already combine the ham with the spinach. I usually ask for a mix of eggs Benedict and Florentin. So this was highly appreciated. There was just not enough ham though. Only one thin slice and all of it on a lot of bun. The bun was nicely toasted but overall just too overpowering in taste. Such a shame.

Onsen eggs á la Benedict @Stroeck Feierabend

Also the croissant with the Brie and the chutney didn’t make sense to me. The eggs dish was already super filling, so nothing extra was needed. Especially not extra cheese which was already in the sauce Mornay. In other words the croissant would have worked better with a bit of butter and jam.

Although I arrived already at 9am, I was happy to get a table for an hour. This place is busy, and on a Saturday. Who would have thought? Most tables were occupied and the rest had a reservation sign. No matter, the hour was enough. Service is very quick here.

Even though the onsen eggs were mix of great and mediocre, I just love however the idea that you can try something new here. The breakfast menu looks extensive and definitely deserves a second try. So yes, I will come again. Next time with a reservation though to start the day a bit more relaxed. Your, Pollybert

Stroeck Feierabend
1030 Wien, Landstraßer Hauptstraße 82
Tel: +43 1 204 39 99 93 057
Mon-Sat: 07:00-22:00, Sun: 07:00-18:00

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