What I learned in Passau

Passau is honestly just around the corner from Vienna. So what should be there for me to learn? Nonetheless it was again an educating weekend during which I found out a couple of things. So here are my tips from Passau. Yours, Pollybert

1.) The food is mostly like at home. Except that the dumplings have different names and the sweet dishes are a lot sweeter. Take the Kaiserschmarrn for example which was caramelized with almonds in addition to the icing sugar on top.

Kaiserschmarrn @Passau

2.) Blue sky and warm weather adds immensely to the pleasure of traveling.

3.) I really enjoy taking the train. It’s fast, convenient and also helps the environment. In addition it gives me time to read.

4.) Sometimes it doesn’t pay off to book a “better” hotel. The Hotel Wilder Mann was conveniently located but by walking through the town I saw a couple of places more inviting. Also my room was small and the breakfast awful. Just to offer a nice view from the breakfast room is not enough.

5.) I compensated for the inedible breakfast with later one at Café Anton. It was as amazing as it looked.

breakfast at Café Anton @Passau

5.) I have to go and check out Carnuntum in Vienna. The excavations are a lot bigger and the area very impressive (or so I was told when I listened to a lecture on medicine for gladiators) but to my shame I have never been there. My visit to the Roman Museum Kastell Biotro definitely brought that to mind.

6.) A weekend for myself somewhere else than home feels amazing. It’s such a difference to my usual chilling on the couch.

7.) Although in danger of repeating myself. Rhubarb juice is fantastic and I only get it in Germany. Why don’t we have that in Austria?

8.) Walking all the up and down keeps the locals and the tourists in form here.

another narrow alley with an incline @Passau

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