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Recently someone suggested the restaurant ‘What the Duck‘ which had really bad critics online. The restaurant comes from the same operators as the Pop Up: The Velvet Room. Despite my misgivings we decided to give it a try. With the result that I now know that sometimes you have to trust the internet. The restaurant is awful.

In any case, let’s start at the beginning of this fateful Thursday evening. When I arrived my friend was already waiting. So when I sat down and the waiter asked me if I wanted anything to drink, I assumed my friend had already ordered. I decided on something quickly without consulting the menu; only to then learn that my friend had waited for me with his order. Why the waiter didn’t ask him as well again, is beyond me. Not that it mattered because my drink never arrived. We waited for 15 minutes when we eventually canceled my drink and ordered a bottle of wine.

I know this is a long introduction to a restaurant review. But this rocky start set the mood for the evening. Even though the restaurant was basically empty, the two waiters were unable to cope with four occupied tables.

dining room @What the Duck

After another 30 minutes not getting bothered by any waiter we decided to order some food. We went for ‘Kimchi Love’ which were roasted dumplings (pot sticker) with bibimbap and a quail egg. Unfortunately we got something that didn’t taste of kimchi at all but only of the Sriracha sauce which was generously poured over the dish.

Kimchi Love @What the Duck

We then shared ‘Crazy Chicken’ because it was the only dish on the menu which sounded as if it could be this one thing we saw on their website.

‘Crazy chicken’ or something like it from the website @What the Duck

Regrettably our dish looked different. ‘What the Duck‘ served the ‘Crazy Chicken’ in a bao bun on top of a papaya slaw with sweet potato fries and a Sriracha mayonnaise.

Crazy Chicken @What the Duck

The color alone already didn’t impress me. I also cannot say for sure if there was any papaya in the slaw. It tasted just like regular one and was actually quite good. The chicken as well was tasty, but not in a spectacular different way. This was a normal fried chicken. The sweet potato fries didn’t work for me in this whole combination. It was just one big disappointment.

To be honest, I think I have never been to a restaurant which was such a spectacular failure on all counts. The service and the food, especially when you see it in combination with the price level, just don’t work. The place has a great look and with different staff in the kitchen and outside might do well. The way it is now, it’s a waste of your money and time. I am just glad that I was in good company and that the wine excellent. Yours, Pollybert


What the Duck
1160 Wien, Yppenplatz 4
Tel: +43 676 3760334
Email: whattheduck@hungryhearts.at
Tue-Sat: 17:00-23:00
https://www.facebook.com/thewhattheduck/ (menu available)

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