Great food in Regensburg

The quaint medieval town of Regensburg offers an abundance of great food places. The hostel I stayed at also had breakfast included. But since I already saved on hotel costs I figured I could afford an opulent breakfast. When you look for breakfast places in Regensburg online you will get lots of hits. It’s difficult to choose then on which place to ultimately settle. But not only in the morning you will need a place for something to eat. Here are my preferred choices for all day. Yours, Pollybert

Breakfast places

Anna liebt Brot und Kaffee: This coffee-house/bakery has a couple of locations around Regensburg. I went to the one in the historic centre. Inside it has a vaulted roof and this got me in the right mood for my medieval weekend. I loved the self-service which gave me ample time to check out what other people ordered and how these dishes looked. In the end I went for a ‘Strammer Moritz’ which had an additional layer of cream cheese and roasted to tomatoes (‘Strammer Max’ usually is toasted dark bread, fried ham and egg). Since I was on vacation I also allowed myself a croissant. Very friendly service and suspended coffee available which should be more widespread.

Strammer Moritz @Anna liebt Brot und Kaffee

Restaurant Orphée:  I came for coffee on Saturday and loved how the food looked while siting there. So on Sunday morning I headed to this French bistro for breakfast. It’s already open before 9am and the service is super quick if not super friendly. The food does make up for it though. One caveat though: make sure to order tap water otherwise they charge a fortune for table water.  All breakfast combinations come with a basket of bread and a big jar of butter. The baguette is so delicious! For this alone you need to visit. I ordered the Italian combo and had more than enough with the fried parmesan egg, a slice of spinach frittata, a choice of prosciutto and salami, bocconcini and cream cheese with basil. The pot of jam was just the right amount for the last two bites of my slice baguette.

Italian breakfast @Restaurant Orphée

Ice cream and cakes

I had ice cream from Stella and was so surprised of the outstanding quality. The little shop is located at the south side of the Stone Bridge. The choice of flavors is not your typical garden variety. I bought two scoops of dolce latte and something with peach. So yummy! Combine that with the view and it doesn’t get any better.

ice cream from Stella at the beginning of the Stone Bridge @Regensburg

MuseumsCafé: The coffee-house within the Historical Museum of Regensburg delights with its love for details. Sunday morning came with a lot of rain which prompted a visit to the museum. The Roman history is well documented and the crowning ending of an informative morning was a visit to the café. The cheesecake with blueberries on top was a melt-in-your-mouth experience and absolutely to die for.

Krauterer: Take a seat and enjoy the view on the Regensburg Cathedral. An endless hustle and bustle of tourists and locals alike pass in front of this restaurant. In the afternoon it’s time for break. Best done with a rhubarb schorle. I just love rhubarb juice and it appears I am not the only one. Why don’t have that in Austria? That would be a nice niche. I also noticed the food served on the table next to me. The traditional fare tasted lovely from the look on the people’s faces.

rhubarb schorle in front of the Cathedral @Kauterer

Savoury snacks

Wurstkuchl:  Besides the obvious historical value of this place the food is also not to be missed. The typical sausage of the region is served in portions of six, eight or ten with either sauerkraut or potato salad. I went with the sauerkraut, just works better I find. Also the drink of choice must be a beer here. The Japanese tourist next to me preferred coke. I really think that ruins the taste of the dish.

six sausages are the smallest portion available @Regensburg


Irish Harp: The pub came recommended by a friend who had studied in Regensburg. Apparently she has fond memories of this place. Regardless, this is how a pub should be. Dark and intimate and while I was there a band showed up and played some tunes. The right place for a Guinness.

a Guinness is great everywhere @Irish Harp

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