Breakfast at Café Zehnsiebzig

Another week over and another new place for breakfast. This time we were out in the 7th district of Vienna. There is actually not a lot out there which is open at 9am on a Saturday. Café Zehnsiebzig opens its doors at 9am sharp (okay, not true. Doors were open to air out the place).

To be honest I hadn’t really researched the place before, I just wanted to go somewhere new for breakfast. As it turned out this is a Dalmatian coffee-house and therefore they offer, besides one Viennese breakfast option, Dalmatian food. Which is great because I wanted to mix it up.

The restaurant looks beautiful with a its long room and vaulted ceiling. and as you see at 9am there is not much happening. My reservation at this time not really necessary.

dining room @Café Zehnsiebzig

As special as the restaurant looks, the food doesn’t match unfortunately. My friend ordered a garlic toast (very brave that early in the morning) while I went for the anchovy pancakes. Also courageous I find, maybe not as much as the garlic option.

It turned out though that the garlic bread was not garlicky at all. Rather was it a toasted baguette with some kind of herbal spread au gratin topped with a slice of Dalmatian prosciutto. The ham was good, the bread tasty but overall too rich. I had to share it with my friend and he didn’t even take half of my pancakes after.

garlic bread with Dalmatian prosciutto @Café Zehnsiebzig

The pancakes are served Viennese style, rolled up and topped with cheese. The filling consisted of anchovies, onions, tomatoes amongst other ingredients. It was actually quite good, except I do the pancake itself tasted bland. I like my pancakes with a little more color. These look as if they had been done in a Teflon pan without any fat. Very healthy, but oh so boring.

pancakes with anchovies @Café Zehnsiebzig

The waitress was very attentive and friendly. Especially when we wanted to pay by card. No card service here, despite a different announcement on some other website.

The breakfast itself didn’t convince. But I liked the setting and I am sure this is a nice place to while away some time with a glass of wine and Dalmatian snacks. Also coffee was great. Yours, Pollybert

Café Zehnsiebzig
1070 Wien, Burggasse 68/1
Tel: +43 664 3268384
Mon-Thu: 08:00-23:00, Fri-Sun: 09:00-23:00

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