More impressions from Tel Aviv and Jerusalem

This recent trip to Tel Aviv with a little side excursion to Jerusalem, left me with an abundance of pictures. These are really worthy places for taking pictures. On the other hand aren’t all my destinations worthy of this? Anyway, just the thrill of being again in a city with a beach makes me happy. The salt in the air and the sand beneath my feet brings out the best vacation feeling! And hopefully this shines through in the pictures. We had a great time in Israel! Yours, Pollybert

somewhere in Jaffa @Tel Aviv

baklava and other sweets @Tel Aviv

not sure what all these people are waiting for @Jerusalem

Jaffa @Tel Aviv

this is the supposed stone where Jesus lay when they took him from the cross @Jerusalem

colorful ribbons @Tel Aviv

old town of Jerusalem

sun chairs on the beach waiting for more visitors @Tel Aviv

he feels the power of God @Jerusalem

view on city from the Austrian Hospice @Jerusalem

figures climbing up the house @Tel Aviv

looking over to Jaffa @Tel Aviv

house waves @Tel Aviv

want to play chess? @Tel Aviv

sit down for a chat @Jerusalem

how your bike looks pimped @Tel Aviv

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