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The name of the restaurant reminds me of a song from the 80s. And while the song is actually a parody of a fairytale prince, the restaurant Vorstadtprinz is not far behind in the parody sector. I don’t believe it was a conscious decision though.

The menu travels from Spain (pimientos de padron) to Thailand (Thai curry) with a couple of stations in Austria. The inevitable Schnitzel is also on the menu. So for me the menu has no red line going through. But maybe this is a byproduct of residing on the outskirts of Vienna. This is already the second restaurant, after Hollerkoch, which travels around the world with its menu. Unfortunately less tasty than the other one.

dining room @Vorstadtprinz

The restaurant caters mainly to the hotel guests next door and other lost souls who live in this area. I felt we were the only ones who came especially to eat here, which didn’t bode well. The style appears to be unchanged since decades, nonetheless it is inviting and the seating is comfortable.

We started our evening with the afore-mentioned pimientos de patron. They lacked a bit of salt and were also too greasy. We ate them nonetheless, it was the starter after all.

pimientos de patron @Vorstadtprinz

I ordered the Tagliatelle Bolognese which in my opinion lacked sauce. I love it when the noodles are coated thick with sauce so that the dish is rather juicy. Sadly this was not the case and I also needed all the available parmesan to improve the flavor. My friend meant it lacked salt.

tagliatelle Bolognese @Vorstadtprinz

The fish Thai curry was better received although I was not impressed. But the person who ordered it was happy. The fish was tender and juicy and there was enough spice to be called a curry.

Fish Thai Curry @Vorstadtprinz

Unfortunately the typical Austrian dish fell flat. The chicken paprikash didn’t fare well, especially the meat. My friend ate the spätzle with the sauce but let the meat go back. A winner looks different.

chicken paprikash @Vorstadtprinz

The waiter was trying and super friendly. That the restaurant was empty didn’t help with the atmosphere though. The problem in the end is the kitchen. When you have a menu which goes around the world you also have to deliver.

This variety is not something I like, but my friend found the idea interesting. There is always something new to try on the menu. Which is probably a good thing in this area of Vienna. Overall though, the kitchen really needs to step its game. Yours, Pollybert


1190 Wien, Sieveringer Straße 4
Tel: +43 699 10452544
Mail: office@vorstadtprinz.at
Mon-Fri: 11:00-15:00, 18:00-23:00, Sat: 18:00-23:00

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