Breakfast at Klyo

Klyo came highly recommended as the breakfast place to be. With breakfast available until 22:30 there is really no stress on when you go there. I did so at 9am which is my regular time on a Saturday morning. Already at this time some people were waiting for their breakfast and in the next 15 minutes or so the place filled up. Make sure to call ahead on the weekend!

The dining area is brightly illuminated by the large windows and the view on the channel is relaxing.

dining room @Klyo

While I was thus waiting for my friend I perused the menu and settled on the “green sandwich”. This is the nowadays super popular avocado toast with poached eggs and saffron sauce Hollandaise. Basically a modern twist on my standard eggs Benedict. I am not sure what went wrong here, but the sum of all components was just not good.

The bread tasted excellent which is easy enough since it comes from the Bäckerei Öfferl. Unfortunately either the bread was cut too thick or the cutlery isn’t up to par, but the sandwich was hard to slice. The avocado cream was definitely fresh, had a beautiful light green color and a good texture. In combination with the egg and the sauce it was off-putting though. The egg was perfectly poached, with the yolk running silkily upon cutting. Also the sauce tasted self-made, not sure about the saffron though and the color looked regular to me. So maybe it is just a hint.

One of the bigger issues was the temperature. Everything was cool. The egg, the sauce, the avocado cream. That doesn’t work! I understand that most of it is pre-made, probably including the eggs. Otherwise this kitchen can’t cope with the sheer number of breakfast sandwiches which passed me in the short time I was there. Also we had only a waiting time of maybe 7-10 minutes. I am not sure what it was I disliked so much. But I felt like I didn’t want to order anything else to remedy my opinion.

the green sandwich @Klyo

My friend ordered the “smoked sandwich” which is really like eggs Benedict with just a different name. The eggs come on the same bread, also slightly toasted. Actually now that I look at the bread I don’t see that it is toasted at all. Maybe that was only my impression? The bread comes with the spinach and the ham on the side. What exactly is the purpose of this?

Besides a weird and “naked” look it doesn’t do anything to enhance the breakfast experience. On the contrary, you will have to dump it either over the eggs which makes the cutting of the same difficult. Or you try to slip it underneath the eggs which will make a big mess on the plate and will result in a totally unappealing look.

the smoked sandwich @Klyo

I know my opinion will have no impact here. Because the restaurant does really well and is immensely popular. The service is super quick especially when it comes to cleaning the tables. I got the feeling they don’t want you to linger over coffee but rather leave and make the table available again.

I like the location though and I am sure in summer it’s beautiful to sit outside. Next time though I will try one of their bowls. Maybe they fare better with the healthy stuff. Oh, and by the way, all dishes have their protein amount stated. Which tells me exactly what? Yours, Pollybert


1010 Wien, Uraniastraße 1
Tel: +43 1 7105946
Mon-Sun: 09:00-01:00

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