The doors of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem

This recent trip to Tel Aviv provided me with lots of new door pictures. The ones from Tel Aviv and Jerusalem are a sight to behold. Some of them sturdy wooden ones, others have intricate iron lattice work, and some are just plain in either wood or iron. There is also a bit of color. I like it when there is a splash of that. Doors can be so boring when all uniform. How amazing then to find different doors in one and the same country. Yours, Pollybert

not sure for whom the stop sign is meant @Tel Aviv

nice lattice door @Jerusalem

and another lattice door this time in blue @Jerusalem

a sturdy wooden door next to a wall of plants @Tel Aviv

lots of ACs hiding behind this door @Tel Aviv

simple metal door @Jerusalem

intricate details on this door hidden behind graffiti @Jerusalem

green metal door @Jerusalem

old wooden door by the looks of it @Jerusalem

metal door with flower details @Jerusalem

double wooden doors @Tel Aviv

lattice door @Tel Aviv

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