Café Engländer

To find a restaurant on a Monday evening in Vienna is like looking for an oasis in the desert. It’s difficult and mostly just a mirage. Or in foodie speak a rare gem which is worth your calories.

Such a place is the Café Engländer. One might think it’s just a coffeehouse, but it is so much more than this. Basically it is an institution since many years with consistent good food and a relaxed atmosphere. It is also one of the few places which has still a large smoking bar but with an excellent ventilation system in the non-smoking dining room area.

dining room @Café Engländer

The menu is a weird mix of typical Viennese stuff and some Asian dishes thrown in. I can’t see the red line of this menu but maybe it is not even necessary. I was told everything tastes great so I just went with my fancy.

My fancy made me order the duck breast on thyme risotto with roasted endive. The portion had a lovely size and the taste was excellent. The skin of the duck had been nicely seared while the breast remained juicy. I love a bit of bitter in my winter greens and the endive was perfect for that. Overall a very good dish.

seared duck breast @Café Engländer

Someone went with the rib eye steak, which got the highest compliments. Unfortunately I have no pictures of it. It came with a mountain of fried onions as well as pickled shallots.

The fried chicken with potato and lamb’s lettuce salad satisfied my comfort food cravings. Fried food is always welcome. But of course in the evening it might not be the best idea. No matter, the calories are well worth it here.

fried chicken with potato salad @Café Engländer

Personally the craziest dish combination was the smoked salmon tartar for a starter with the sausage variation in a pot. I don’t think I would ever order that, but my friend was in the mood for just that. The smoked salmon was on its own quite salty, but with the accompanying avocado cream just right. I love when the kitchen kind of forces you to eat the dish all together. In any case, both dishes were praised.

smoked salmon tartare @Café Engländer

sausage variations @Café Engländer

What I liked about the evening is the relaxed atmosphere with really good food in a non-pretentious environment. This is a coffehouse where most patrons are frequent visitors. Even I recognized some people from a visit before. And which I will probably see again the next time I am there. Yours, Pollybert


Café Engländer
1010 Wien, Postgasse 2
Tel: +43 1 96 68 665
Mon-Sat: 08:00-01:00, Sun: 10:00-01:00

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