What I learned in Tel Aviv

This is not so much about what I learned in Tel Aviv but rather in and about Israel. Since we spent most of our weekend in Tel Aviv though, hence the title. We made some really remarkable observations and noticed quite few differences. This is a totally different world after all. So here we go, this is what I learned in Tel Aviv. Yours, Pollybert

1.) Although we visited the weekend before election day, there were almost no billboards and ads anywhere. Come to Austria during this period and the faces of God knows how many awful politicians are plastered all over the country.

2.) The orthodox jews are called penguins by the locals.

3.) If you can pass all these hip bars and restaurants without stopping every couple of minutes, let me know. We didn’t manage that.

drinks already in the early afternoon @Tel Aviv

4.) It gets cold at the beach once the sun goes down, even in April. Almost unbelievable when you are there during the day and see people in the water.

sunny during the day, cool in the evening in April @Tel Aviv

5.) You can never have enough rosemary. Look at these shrubs!

rosemary shrubs in Jaffa @Tel Aviv

6.) Middle Eastern food is absolutely fantastic! I had one meal which sucked but I think this was due to the restaurant. Everything else was delicious.

7.) Our receptionist always said “Ask me anything” and in short this is exactly what we did. With his help we found out about Gett, the best way to get around in Israel. And he also gave us a coupon with which we got 10% off of the first five rides.

8.) I saw in Jerusalem to the right of most entrance doors a small vessel with a piece from the Torah. It’s called a Mezuzah.

a Mezuzah is kept next to the entrance @Jerusalem

9.) I am glad I am agnostic. There was so much religious enthusiasm in the air that I felt slighlty overwhelmed by it all. Combine that with the soldiers and police walking around with big guns and no wonder people go crazy.

10.) Absolutely loved my moment in the “sun” when I got interviewed. Still don’t know for which tv station, nor if it ever aired. In the end it was just such a cool moment. I was especially proud that I could even name the politician from the opposition.

tv star for a moment @Tel Aviv

11.) The Austrian Hospice in Jerusalem has a post box from the Austrian post in the lobby. How cool is that?

Austrian post in Jerusalem

12.) And finally a big shout out to my travel companion Pat. Without her there would be fewer pictures on this blog.

Pat on her bike @Tel Aviv


  1. because hope dies last 😉

  2. 📯 You were excited about the Austrian mailbox! But what about the fact that the title King of Jerusalem was inherited by the Habsburgs and remained among the titles of the Emperors of Austria until 1918? Otto von Habsburg renounced all pretense to the Habsburg titles only in 1958. 🤴😉

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