What I learned in Bucharest

A new country means new experiences. And when you have new experiences it might also mean that you learn something. In my case, I did. Romania was definitely new to me. So some things were plain weird, others just different. But this is a country which is part of the European Union. So I had to try to make sense of all that I saw. Because we are all one big family, or at least this is the way I see it. In brief here is my list of tips and observations. Yours, Pollybert

1.) It takes more than 5 hours for my Austrian phone company to send me a text about the rates in Bucharest. Same rates apply but the text took so long as if it was long distance.

2.) Old telephone boxes never die when used as libraries.

when a phone box gets a new lease on life @Sinaia

3.) There are lots of dentists and aestheticians (or beauty surgeons) in this city. I never thought Romania might be obsessed with that.

4.) I love that thank you in Romanian is ‘merci’ (the French word).

5.) Eat Romanian food only for lunch. It’s too heavy for dinner.

6.) You can always eat dessert for dinner. I haven’t seen one small dessert. The ones in Bucharest are big as a main dish.

something ‘small’ for dessert @Bucharest

7.) There are more pork dishes than any other meat on the menu. Why is that? Can someone explain this to me?

8.) Sidewalks are not meant for walking but for parking.

park wherever you want @Bucharest

9.) They make dolma with linden leaves when in season.

10.) Believe or not, but Romania had a dictator who got his inspiration on he wanted Bucharest to look like from a state visit of North Korea.

11.) Unexpected festivals are the best! Check out some videos from the spotlight festival here.

12.) In that case also giant rabbits don’t have to freak you out! Totally unlike Donnie Darko.

illuminated giant bunny @Bucharest

13.) Sometimes a tree deserves a little help to grow and a garden wall gets built with a hole.

everything deserves some space @Bucharest

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