What I learned in Kyiv

A new city with new discoveries. Not all of them welcome, but all of them interesting. That’s a lot more exciting than stuff I learned in school. Kyiv was really a pleasant surprise. Maybe because I had no expectations? Whatever it was, the city is cool. It has a gorgeous old town with helpful citizens when you get lost. The coffee shops could also be in Berlin, with a modern interior and stylish young people who work there. Overall this is a city with a heady mix of old and new. The new mayor Klitschko is definitely helping. He already greets you at the airport with a smile. Which you need, see number 1.) Yours, Pollybert

Mayor Klitschko @Kyiv

1.) The immigration process is super slow and disorganized. A third world country couldn’t do worse. Bring a book.

2.) The menu shows the weight of each dish.

3.) Although there are almost no dogs on the streets, there are a lot of watering stations for them.

watering station for your dog @Kyiv

4.) You definitely need a mosquito spray here in June. In fact I don’t think you should travel anywhere without it.

5.) Cutlery is usually laid out to the left of the plate.

6.) Pigeons are bathing in golden bowls. Probably not meant for them but they definitely enjoyed it.

golden bath for pigeons @Kyiv

7.) The taxi app Bolt works well and is indeed super cheap.

8.) There is really no reason for you to take the bus from the airport besides experiencing a ride into the unknown (see number 9).

on the bus from the airport @Kyiv

9.) Don’t be afraid of getting lost. You just see a little bit more and there is always someone to help you around.

10.) Pharmacies in Kyiv sell more than just drugs. I wonder furthermore what unusual means in this case?

the unusual pharmacy @Kyiv

11.) Coffee shops and bars are really way cooler than the ones in Vienna. For example at the Milk Bar the waitresses wear PJs.

Milk Bar @Kyiv

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