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The biggest problem in Austria, when it comes to fish, is the question: How fresh is the fish? There is no sea anywhere near, so everything needs to be imported. Takans Fisch restaurant appears not to have any such problems. First of all the owner started out with a small market stand which sells and cooks fish since a while and second of all its success inspired the owner to open a bigger place. Which seems to be working quite as well. The place was full later in the evening.

dining room @Takans Fisch Restaurant

We only opted for two starters, fish soup with saffron and Patagonian calamari fritti with chili lime mayonaise. I am not really sure what the Patagonian in the name stands for. To me the calamari tasted great. They had a nice crunch, were not too greasy and had an excellent texture. They look lovely served in a small paper cone.

Patagonian calamari fritti @Takans Fisch Restaurant

The fish soup was a clear broth with a hint of saffron, lots of bite-size fish pieces and some julienned vegetables. The was even a small smear of butter still floating on it to give it some extra taste.

fish soup @Takans Fisch Restaurant

We were a bit more inspired when it came to order the main dishes. Three of us orderd mussels, twice with white wine sauce and once with tomatos. We got the big portion, I mean mussels basically consist of shell and little else. Both versions come with herb butter bread and were delicious.

mussels in white wine sauce @Takans Fisch Restaurant

mussels in tomato sauce @Takans Fisch Restaurant

Others were more creative. The spaghetti vongole got high marks, especially for the amount of vongole. Very generous indeed and the overall taste was great.

spaghetti vongole @Takans Fisch Restaurant

The grilled Patagonian calamari come normally with rosemary risotto but were ordered here instead with the risotto nero. Not my favorite the risotto nero, but here it was very nice. The calamari again were exactly on point with great texture.

grilled calamari with risotto nero @Takans Fisch Restaurant

Our “quota” vegetarian found something as well with the help of the kitchen. She got the rosemary risotto with bocconcini balls and grilled green asparagus. Unfortunately I couldn’t try it but heard that it was lovely.

rosemary risotto @Takans Fisch Restaurant

Unfortunately I had no room for dessert but a homemade baklava was ordered. The menu said something about walnuts, but to me it looked rather like pistachios. It tasted light and not too sugary which is normally my biggest problem with baklava.

homemade baklava @Takans Fisch Restaurant

The lemon sorbet is also made on the premises and had a fresh, slightly sour taste with a hint of summer in it. Exactly what you need after an excellent meal.

lemon sorbet @Takans Fisch Restaurant

To close the meal a Turkish coffee helps. Here the coffee comes in small filigree silvery cups with the locum on a toothpick. I really liked the thoughtful presentation of it.

Turkisch coffee @Takans Fisch Restaurant

The service throughout the whole evening was very attentive and I really appreciated that the kitchen also helped our vegetarian friend. This is definitely a bit more than your friendly neighborhood restaurant. Except that it appeared as if lots of people are regulars here by the way they were greeted. which of course speaks for the quality and the service of Takans Fisch Restaurant. Definitely a place to come back to. Yours, Pollybert

Takans Fisch Restaurant
1180 Wien, Haizingergasse 13
Tel: +43 1 3820016
Email: anfrage@takans.com
Tue-Fri: 16:00-24:00, Sat: 12:00-24:00


  1. I am vegetarian not by quota, but by lifestyle choice – since 1988 😋🥳

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