Breakfast at Drechsler

The former Café Drechsler had probably the worst Eggs Benedict from Vienna. Which was a shame because the coffee-house has been around for ages and is some kind of institution for night owls. Great news then that the place has a new owner. The management of the Ramasuri has taken over the Drechsler and it is definitely a change for the better.

Inside it still looks the same with the long marble bar in the second room. The tables are generously placed due to the large bar. I love it when you have the chance to really talk without your neighbors listening to your every word.

marble bar @Drechsler

My friend went for the “Little Royal”, a poached egg with smoked salmon on a slice of rye toast with cottage cheese. It looked appetizing and had exactly the right size when you have a lunch planned shortly after. The lemon zest on top gave it a fresh twist.

Litte Royal @Drechsler

I chose the “Spicy Avocado Egg” which comes on the same slice of rye bread, with avocado spread, a poached egg, lots of salad and cress sprouts on top and a spicy jalapeno on the side. Clever idea to let everyone choose their spiciness level. Mine worked well until I reached the seeds. Then my mouth was on fire.

spicy avocado egg @Drechsler

The service was quick and it didn’t take long for the first coffee to arrive. Even better was the jug of water which was set on the table as soon as we arrived. Apparently Vienna is on this matter spilt firmly in half. With the restaurants which serve water right away and others which charge by the glass. I am more than happy with this new development of free water dispensing. In any case this place will see me again soon. I still need to taste their Eggs Benedict. Yours, Pollybert

1060 Wien, Linke Wienzeile 22
Tel: +43 1 5812044
Mon-Sat: 08:00-24:00, Sun: 09:00-24:00

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