A day on the beach in Pärnu

On my last full day in Estonia I left Kuressaare and the island of Saaremaa at a much more reasonable hour. Also the bus went directly to Pärnu, a beach resort further along the mainland. So much more convenient than waiting for an hour in the middle of nowhere. As you can see, this is a rather small bus, like you would use with your extended family. I love this kind of travel.

the bus to Pärnu @Kuressaare

Once in Pärnu I checked into the Koidulapark Hotel, which sounds so much fancier than it actually was. Even though it faces the park, the area is rather loud. Difficult for such a small town, but true nonetheless.

Koidulapark @Pärnu

The beach here is really the most interesting part of Pärnu, so after a quick lunch that’s where I headed. On the way I passed the Koidulapark and a rather interesting looking hotel. Maybe I should have stayed here after all.

a beach hotel @Pärnu

When you leave the beach hotel behind you, this is when the real deal starts and you have a great view on endless water and sand.

the beach @Pärnu

As much as I dislike to walk the beach when I am on a real beach vacation, I love walking when it’s too cold for a swim. Not sure why this makes a difference to me. But there you have it. So I took my time and walked the whole length all the way to the lighthouse.

just sand and a bit of water @Pärnu

the lighthouse is all the way out in the sea @Pärnu

While walking on the beach I came across a sign announcing the ‘Ladies Beach’. This was historically a beach segment where women sunbathed naked. Isn’t that fun that this was only for the ladies? A place where you are protected from prying eyes or at least should be? How polite is the tone of this board when it thanks you for showing the necessary respect.

nude ladies’ beach @Pärnu

But best of all was the Cuban drinks truck which sold a mean mojito. I got only a small one, it was still early after all, but it conveyed the perfect beach feeling. It made leaving Estonia thereafter quite difficult. What a wonderful country. Yours, Pollybert

Cuban drinks truck @Pärnu

mojito in a jar @Pärnu

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