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There are new restaurants and bars popping up in Vienna left and right all the time. In fact it’s quite hard to keep track of all of them and which ones are even worth visiting. Moby Dick is definitely a keeper. While the premise is clearly more of a bar than a restaurant, the food was surprisingly good. Maybe I shouldn’t have been so astonished since the chef is apparently well known (more here).

The kitchen and the bar work together and the best way not to miss anything is to get the chef’s menu. So of course that’s what I did. Three courses with three drinks. What’s not to like? Especially when the drinks come in a pared down version, so that three glasses are not over ambitious.

It started with green tomatoes on straciatella burrata cream and foccacia bread crumbs. The plate looks a lot busier with a little bit of dill, red onion and basil leaves. The overall impression was fabulous, so tasty and I loved the crunch of the bread crumbs with it. The dish was accompanied by a Ketel One vodka mixed with cilantro seeds, apple juice and white wine. My description doesn’t do the drink any justice. It worked perfectly with the fresh dish and enhanced the ripe flavor of the tomatoes.

green tomatoes with vodka drink @Moby Dick Vienna

Next up was an octopus ceviche with cucumber and spring onions. I can’t say what was in the dressing but the octopus was unbelievable soft. It almost melted in my mouth. The whole thing was absolutely great. It came together with a drink called ‘Aye, Aye Captain’ which mixes Amaro Montenegro (a botanical drink from Italy) with apple, lime, horseradish, dill, and salt. I liked the bite of the drink with the overall soft and sweet effect of the ceviche. In any case, this was really, really good!

octopus ceviche with ‘Aye, aye Captain’ drink @Moby Dick Vienna

My last course was a tramezzini with old alpine beef. At least this is what I remember. The cow (no bull) was already 10 years old and its brisket has been roasted to perfection. I don’t know what else exactly has been done to this meat. It was tender and juicy. Unfortunately the intense meat taste in combination with the almost tack like tramezzini bread was off-putting. Not even the accompanying marinated radish and mustard could help that. However the drink ‘Winter is coming’ made with Ardberg single malt, Amaro Montenegro, cherry, lime and parsley was delicious though. I loved the smoky flavor and I am sure it goes perfectly with the meat if you are into it.

beef tramezzini and ‘Winter is coming’ cocktail @Moby Dick Vienna

What really surprised me was that the waiter offered me something else upon noticing that I was clearly not into the beef course. I followed his recommendation and went with the crispy chicken. What an excellent choice! The deboned chicken leg soaked in pickle brine and buttermilk. After the deep-frying it gets a splash of lemongrass and shallots sauce. I think I never had a juicier chicken. This was to die for. And although I was not hungry anymore, I finished it all.

It even came with another drink. This time it was an ‘Oil Harbour’. It’s made from Rye Whisky, Trockenbeerenauslese (like ice wine -> really sweet), Amaro Montenegro, Antica Formular, Vermouth, and lemon bitters. If you feel that’s a lot of alcohol, you should have tasted it. That was one strong drink!

crispy chicken and ‘Oil Harbour’ @Moby Dick Vienna

But I was not the only one eating. The others had just done so before I arrived. I managed though to get a picture of one other dish. The Ochsenherz tomatoes (or beefsteak tomatoes) lay on a bed of white cream. Don’t ask me what it was, but it looked and tasted delicious. So yummy as well.

beefsteak tomatoes @Moby Dick Vienna

Overall this little bar is a gem. The food is great, service is super attentive and friendly (water was regularly brought), and the cocktails are interesting. What I like is that here you don’t have to be afraid of ending up drunk. There is always a tasty snack just an order away. Yours, Pollybert

Moby Dick – Cocktailbar & Eatery
1070 Wien, Neustiftgasse 26
Tel: +43 676 4422553
Email: via Facebook
Mon-Thu: 18:00-02:00, Fri-Sat: 18:00-03:00

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