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Sometimes when Friday happens to be a long day at work and I don’t have any plans for later, I treat myself to a nice dinner. Either with a home-cooked meal or at a restaurant on the way. Sentepe was on my list for a while. But with its opening times visiting can be a challenge when you don’t work close to it. So finally on a late Friday afternoon I managed to catch the place while still open.

The meze bar had already been clearly decimated to its bare bones but I ordered a starter plate nonetheless. When it comes to Turkish this is the best part of the meal in my opinion. I got an ayran out of the fridge and waited for my plate of starters. It was a lovely mix of chickpea salad, spicy pepper salad, tzatziki, bulgur, humus, and feta cheese. It dish was served with fresh bread and was more than enough for a meal.

mixed meze @Sentepe

Looking at the menu online, I think I might even try something else besides my staple meze. There are so many enticing dishes on it. In any case Sentepe is now on my list of go to places for a quick and healthy bite to eat. Yours, Pollybert

1090 Wien, Berggasse 29
Tel: +43 664 3477 064
Email: via website
Mon-Fri: 08:00-18:00

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