Monday evening in Vienna is always difficult to find a restaurant on where to go. So every time I discover a place I like, I am grateful. This time it was Pumpui, a small Thai, far away from ‘civilization’. Okay, maybe that’s too drastic but there is really nothing else around besides a pub which was empty around 9pm and another one which was a smokers hell. Both of them were not inviting for a quick drink after the meal. Because you want to go for a drink after your meal since Pumpui doesn’t really entice you to linger. The place is too small for that and there are lots of customers who would like to get a table. Yes, the food is good (especially for the area).

the dining room still empty in the early evening @Pumpui

We started with spicy glass noodle salad with pork and and chicken satay with peanut sauce. My friend is not really into spicy food and loved her satay and especially the sauce. For her the small amount of ginger in the sauce was enough.

chicken satay @Pumpui

I on the other hand love spicy food and man, the glass noodle salad was hot. Not so much while I was eating it, but the after burn was almost killing me. Overall delicious starters.

glass noodle salad with pork @Pumpui

As main course my friend ordered Pad Thai with chicken, a tried and tested dish which is not spicy. She loved the taste, especially the hint of tamarind in the back. But not so much the fried tofu which tasted totally bland.

I went for Panaeng peanut curry with shrimps which had the same spice level as the salad according to the menu. Far from it though, so either I got used to this kind of spiciness from one course to the next or the dish was just way milder. That doesn’t take away from the taste though, which was lovely. I am not sure about the vegetable combination of red pepper and peas but this is what I ordered. And, I would have liked the shrimps to be peeled. But whatever.

Pad Thai and Panaeng Curry @Pumpui

I quite liked my food and my friend really loved hers. It does taste authentic and I also read that the cook from Mamamon Thai Eatery is responsible for the kitchen here. I honestly don’t think though that I would come for it in this corner of Vienna again. I do understand though why the restaurant  has such a popularity in this ‘godforsaken’ area. Yours, Pollybert

1030 Wien, Obere Weißgerberstraße 16
Tel: +43 1 8901960
Email: hello@pumpui.at
Mon-Fri: 11:30-21:30, Sat: 12:00-21:30


  1. What was wrong with “this corner of Vienna”?

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