Breakfast at Albert

After a couple of weekends away it was time for another breakfast on Saturday. This time we decided on Albert, a restaurant and bar in the 8th district. Albert opens at 9am on the weekend and we were the first and only ones during the whole time we were there.

bar and dining room @Albert

It felt kind of weird being alone for the whole time. Why they do open so early when the customers are clearly staying away at this time is beyond me though.

The breakfast menu offers a couple of combinations and some extras. These extras also include Eggs Benedict and Eggs Florentine. So of course I went for these. The eggs come with bacon here instead of ham, so I went with the vegetarian version. I did ask though if I could possibly have one of each. Which is basically my favorite version of this breakfast dish. This turned out to be not a problem at all because either version comes with spinach and the bacon is just placed on top.

Eggs Benedict @Albert

The eggs are not poached but are rather a Onsen kind of version. Not sure how long they have been cooked, but the egg white is extremely wobbly but the yolk keeps nicely together. I am not sure what it was I didn’t like but the bacon had an extremely unpleasant smell. Not even sure how that is possible, but it’s the honest truth. Also the dish came only lukewarm to the table, getting colder by the second.

The sauce Hollandaise tasted self-made but still didn’t do much for me. The taste was kind of bland and there was definitely too much of it on the plate. Overall this is not the place to go for Eggs Benedict. Rather try something else from the breakfast menu and come a little bit later. By then you might not be the only one in the restaurant.

What was good though, was the coffee. It was actually excellent. I like the Italian brand Hausbrandt coffee more and more. Such a subtle taste, not too sour or bitter. Yours, Pollybert

coffee @Albert

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