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I might not talk so much about Mediterranean food here in my site, but I love it. Miznon restaurant in Vienna is an ideal place to eat real good Tel Aviv street food in Vienna. And now there is a new place and it’s from the same chef as Miznon. While the makers behind the place are the same, the concept of Seven North is different. It’s bigger, has less ‘street food’, and is more upscale. At least that’s what you think upon entering the restaurant.

dining room before the crowd arrives @Seven North

Seven North restaurant is huge, really quite an ambitious size for Vienna but it is also packed to last place on this Tuesday evening in Vienna. And the size appears to be also the problem here. It’s not enough for a waiter to be charming, he should also be attentive. There is quite a number of people running around and still you get the feeling that nobody is really responsible for you. The service is definitely the weak point of Seven North. Because the food is great!

It turned out to be a vegetarian evening and we ordered a lot of dishes from the ‘wild vegetables’ menu. The point was, as is usual with this type of cuisine, to share. This was easier said than done, extra plates for us only arrived after asking for them twice. Since all dishes were starters  there was no order necessary. But when you order the baby pizza especially for dipping, it doesn’t really work. But enough of the sloppy service, let’s talk about the food!

We started with ‘spinach leaves melting into themselves, perfumed in butter and a soft parmesan cloud’. Accompanying the spinach were a couple of potato bits which gave the dish a bit more depth. The parmesan cloud was a small mountain of rasped cheese. It was a great start into the meal and the potato bits took the edge off.

spinach leaves with butter and parmesan @Seven North

Next up was Masabaha. If you are wondering what it is, it’s ‘melting giant Lima beans studded with green chili, tomato seeds & red onions’. The kitchen cooked the beans until they were super soft. I also think some got mashed to create the thicker consistency. The chili gave the dish bite while the onions as well as the tomato seeds gave it a certain freshness. It doesn’t look like much but it tasted great.

Lima beans with chili and onions @Seven North

Then we got the sweet potato. So simple and oh, so good! That was really a revelation. I am not sure if the potato saw anything else besides the grill. My friends said no while I believed there must have been something else to create this dream like taste. The sweet potato came on a wooden board with some sour cream on the side which had a dash of salt flakes on top! Marvelous dish!

sweet potato with sour cream @Seven North

Finally the baby pizza arrived. Per description it is ‘wrapped with burning black pepper carpet covered with a wave of crème fraîche’. In reality it was warm and chewy. Just heavenly. I would have loved to order a second one right away.

baby pizza @Seven North

The crowning conclusion of our meal were these eggplant lines. I loved the smoky flavor and the hint of sweetness from the tahini sauce underneath. Of course this is a dish you have to eat with bread and after asking for it, it was brought more or less quickly. For me this was a big hit, although the eggplant could have had more room temperature. Interestingly the other diners were not so fond of it.

eggplant lines @Seven North

The last ordered dish never materialized. But never mind, with the five plates we had more than enough for a satisfactory meal. Overall the cooking was great. Simple food with an abundance of flavor. I definitely want to came back and try some other stuff. The veggies were a revelation and are probably also easy to make at home. Will let you know if I ever try something else. Yours, Pollybert

Seven North Restaurant
1070 Wien, Schottenfeldgasse 74
Tel: +43 1 3761077
Email: via website
Sun–Wed: 18:00–01:00, Thu–Sat: 17:00–03:00

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