Breakfast at Café Kandl

Café Kandl just recently reopened under the same name but with a new management. It’s now still a coffeeshop during the day but its main focus is the bar during the evening.

dining room and bar @Café Kandl

So the kitchen team is responsible for breakfast as well as a lunch menu during the week, but has the evenings off. Only bar snacks are available during the evening. Which is very cool that you have a great bar and can get some snacks besides the usual grilled cheese or so.

With this out of the way, let’s get to the review of said breakfast. I read that Café Kandl offers a savory porridge and I was all for it. Porridge, although British, evokes Asia feeling inside me. Funnily enough, I think I never even had porridge anywhere in GB. But I had rice congée wherever and whenever available in Asia. And I know, it’s not the same but it’s similar nonetheless.

The porridge of Café Kandl comes warm to the table (I had it once cold that’s why I mention it), flavored with red pepper and smokey paprika. It’s topped with an onsen egg, which is all the rage now in Vienna, and pork greaves. I wasn’t too sure about these but they actually give a nice crunch to the dish without being overly greasy. All in all delicious and really something I should try at home.

savory porridge with onsen egg and pork greaves @Café Kandl

My friend ordered the French omelette with oyster mushrooms topped with a pesto made of wild herbs. The omelette was fluffy and light and the pesto added a nice depth to it. We both had a small salad garnish with our breakfast dish which rounded up the meal nicely. A very healthy and delicious start in the day.

French omelette @Café Kandl

The coffee comes from a small coffee roasting facility, which I don’t remember anymore. I do remember the taste though. It was exquisite. Not sour, not bitter, just right.

breakfast @Café Kandl

Let’s not forget the garden out back though. This will be a welcome haven for all the smokers in winter who don’t to light up on the street. And for everyone else a pleasant place to have a drink in warmer times. Yours, Pollybert

Café Kandl
1070 Wien, Kandlgasse 12/2
Tel: +43 1 890893815
Email: mail@cafekandl.atTue-Sun: 08:00-02:00

garden area @Café Kandl

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