Kiang Wine and Dine

There is a Chinese restaurant in the 9th district which has an excellent reputation. Kiang Wine and Dine is not your every day Chinese. It starts already with the interior which is modern and there is no Maneki-neko in sight. And goes on with the kitchen which serves Chinese street food and other fusion tapas. To my shame I have to say, although Kiang moved already 2015 to its new location, I have never made it there before.

So much better than that on this Saturday Kiang Wine and Dine celebrated the ‘Spring Lantern festival‘ with a special menu. No need to choose for me but rather a variety of of small dishes was brought to our table. We started with a Baijiu drink and cocktail snacks. Baijiu is apparently an acquired taste and will never be favorite of mine. It had a moldy smell and taste, at least for me. My friend liked it a lot. I on the other hand enjoyed the dried little fish which she left to me.

Baijiu cocktail and snacks @Kiang Wine and Dine

First off were three cold starters. Spicy pickled cucumbers, Gan Bian green beans, and suckling pig in aspic. The green beans and the suckling pig were winners while the cucumbers were actually on the bland side. There was definitely not enough spice.

a trio of cold starters @Kiang Wine and Dine

From the cold starters we moved on to the warm starters which was a variety of five different kinds of Chinese dumplings, Jiaozi. My favorite was pork with dill as well as tomato and egg. The three others were good as well just not that kind of amazing. I never thought that pork and dill would work so well together. What a pleasant surprise.

Jiaozi @Kiang Wine and Dine

The main courses were three fish dishes. First up was a tuna tartare with natto (fermented soy beans) and nashi pear. Natto is diffcult for some and was not my personal favorite on the tartare. Also the soft tuna and the crunchy pear didn’t work for me.

tuna tartare with natto @Kiang Wine and Dine

I really enjoyed the fjord trout with miso which came next. Grilled exactly to the point, slightly glassy and see through inside, and well seasoned. A perfect piece of fish.

fjord trout with miso @Kiang Wine and Dine

And the last fish course was sweet and sour carp. Now carp is not a fish I would usually order or even buy. But I liked the fried version here slathered on tasty sauce. There is always an exception to the rule.

sweet and sour carp @Kiang Wine and Dine

For dessert we got the typical sticky rice balls. One filled with black sesame and the other with red bean paste. The balls were okay, the sauce they swam in not so much. In any case, Asian desserts are never a winner in my book.

sticky rice balls @Kiang Wine and Dine

Overall this restaurant is exactly what you want when looking for modern Chinese cuisine. As can be seen in the interesting combinations and surprising dishes. So happy that I could try all this during the Lantern festival then. Kiang Wine and Dine will see me again in the near future to eat my way through their regular menu. The restaurant is definitely a crowd pleaser. It was packed during dinner and more so when people showed up for the second round on that evening. So make your reservations. Yours, Pollybert


Kiang Wine and Dine
1090 Wien, Grünentorgasse 19
Tel: +43 664 5153633
Tue-Sat: 17:00-24:00

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