Babida Korean Restaurant

Asian food is amazing in all its varieties. What a lucky coincidence then that a friend sent a list with the five best Korean restaurants in Vienna. And since Korean soup pots are doing wonders on a cold winter night, we headed to Babida Korean restaurant Korean restaurant to test their kitchen.

The restaurant is in an office building on the first floor and the smell which hits me upon entering doesn’t really inspire me with confidence. The dining room as well oozes the charm of a North Korean waiting room. It is also empty. And then you get the menu which is full of pictures. My hopes for a great meal diminished.

dining room @Babida

I was wrong though. All of these things didn’t tell me anything about the kitchen. We ordered a starter of Mandu, which are like fried vegetarian gyoza. Except bigger and flatter. They tasted quite good, nothing special but also a nice enough starter.

Mandu with chili sauce @Babida

What tasted amazing though, was my Sundubu Jjiae, which is a hot pot with silky tofu, seafood and vegetables. It comes with a bowl of rice and kimchi variations. There is no better food in winter than some hot soup.

hot pot with seafood @Babida

Also the Bibimbap, in its vegetarian version as well as the Bulgogi version, were well received. Both came with the kimchi variations and left the diners happy.

vegetarian Bibimbap @Babida

Bulgogi Bibimbap @Babida

I can’t really say if anything was authentic since I haven’t been to Korea so far. A real shame, I know. But in any case the food was good. The restaurant though is not one where you want to linger and drink another beer. As said before its charm is limited. Never mind though, great food comes in all kinds of version and this one comes in charmless package. In any case, I will be back! Yours, Pollybert

Babida Korean Restaurant
1010 Wien, Franz Josefs Kai 29
Tel: + 43 1 53 22 852
Mon-Sat: 11:00-14:30, 17:00-22:00

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