The Fortunate Ones by Catherine Hokin: This is not your typical love story from WWII. There is actually not a lot of love but a lot story from the KZ Sachsenhausen and the aftermath of WWII. I didn’t know that after the Nürnberg trials the winners and the losers basically had enough of sifting through the past and digging up other war criminals. That it took years for this to change and how a lot of former leading party people survived in Argentina. This book kept me up at night.


The Words I Never Wrote by Jane Thynne: And I read right away another WWII story. This one is about two English sisters who live through the war on different sides. I really liked the story of Irene and Cordelia and how each of them did what they could to survive and still follow their conscience. The setting of the story in the brackets of 2016 though was not necessary. It doesn’t do much for the book.


Vox by Christina Dalcher: If you liked ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ you will love Vox. I really liked the setup of the story and the idea behind. But, even though the book reads very quick and kept me up at night, it’s a bit weak. The end is rushed and it’s not logic. I might not be a scientist but most of it felt off. I’m still recommending the book, because there is lots of food for thought, just don’t expect too much.


On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous by Ocean Vuong: Honestly, after just finishing the book, I am not sure about what to think about the book. It’s a letter of the author to his mother who can’t read. The family moved from Vietnam sometime after the war to the US, grandmother and aunt included. The mother is a single parent, the father vanishing one day in a police car. The author writes about his youth, his sexuality and most of all his difficulties with his traumatized mother. And he does it with so much love which is hard to comprehend when he gets into details.


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