Eggs Benedict in Vienna (Part 2)

As I told you before, testing and tasting Eggs Benedict (or some kind of variations of it) in Vienna is a work in progress. I am glad to say that sometimes I manage to eat something else for breakfast, but mostly it is the aforementioned eggs. They can get a bit overwhelming, especially since I am still looking for the perfect ones. In any case, here are new places I have found which serve this amazing breakfast dish or something like it. Yours, Pollybert

Stilbruch: The Eggs Benedict here look a little bit similar to my all time favorite version in Copenhagen. The fresh spinach, the slice of bread underneath and enough sauce. Unfortunately I felt the sauce was too salty and only palatable in combination with the egg yolk. This could have certainly been only my problem, since my companion loved it. So have to give them another chance. Because they definitely look good.

Brotzeit Französisch @Stilbruch

Zuckergoscherl: The eggs here taste like heaven. With your first bite you feel this is exactly what you need. The toasted sesame bagel underneath, the avocado cream, some very crispy bacon and a lot of sauce Hollandaise. But already with the second bite a slight stomach wobbling sets in. The sauce is cloyingly rich and tastes like the ready made version you can buy in the supermarket. The avocado cream is definitely from the tub and has the watery look to prove it. The eggs are poached though and hopefully organic. Nonetheless, these eggs are best avoided. Felt slightly sick all afternoon.

bagel with Eggs Benedict @Zuckergoscherl

Klyo: On paper it sounded perfect. But once the avocado sandwich with the poached egg and the sauce Hollandaise stood it front of me it went downhill. The food was cool, including the sauce. And honestly that doesn’t really help with a butter sauce. My friend liked his version of eggs Benedict better although I can’t approve of ham served on the side. Might give it another try though, maybe the food is warmer this time. Or just go for a bowl in the end.

the green sandwich @Klyo

Café Drechsler: Breakfast at Café Drechsler is amazing. No wonder, since it now belongs to the same operator as Ramasuri. The Eggs Benedict or rather Florentine in this case though were not so great. Honestly the sauce Hollandaise with truffle was too much. Maybe just for me since I dislike truffle. But I felt it overwhelmed the dish. Also I am not a fan of brioche underneath the eggs. Its sweet taste does nothing to enhance the eggs. The combination did not work for me.

But I went back again and tried the eggs without the truffle aioli and it does wonders for the dish. The Eggs Benedict are really tasty when you leave the aioli off.

Eggs Florentine with truffled sauce Hollandaise @Café Drechsler

Albert: Unfortunately the Eggs Benedict are not a winner here. I loved the Onsen egg style but the bacon had a weird smell (and what has bacon to do with Eggs Benedict) and the eggs were doused in sauce Hollandaise. While the sauce tasted self-made it didn’t redeem the dish which was also too cool already when served and got colder by the minute. What I liked though was that it was possible to have a mix of Eggs Benedict and Florentine!

Eggs Benedict @Albert

Café Francais: This sounds like an amazing place and is always quite full. For the Eggs Benedict though you don’t need to come. Served on dry toast which has the consistency of zwieback even the delicious sauce Hollandaise doesn’t help. Also this dish comes with only one egg, the ham is from the supermarket and it already arrives lukewarm at the table. This is not up to standard.

Eggs Benedict @Café Francais

Aumann: This is another place which doesn’t do justice to Eggs Benedict. At least here you get two eggs and they are even nicely poached when you send them back for another round in the kitchen. The problem is the sauce here which has the industrial taste of the supermarket fare. You can do this better at home if you are so inclined. At Aumann’s it is best to stick with coffee, they have a couple of problems with the kitchen.

Eggs Benedict @Aumann

Café le Marché: Eggs Benedict are a welcome addition to the menu. And here they are a revelation. They always come in the Florentine version and you can order extra bacon or salmon. The eggs are poached, the sauce is warm and freshly made and the sourdough toast underneath crispy without being dry. Interestingly the eggs come with rosemary potatoes which gives the dish already a brunch feeling. It’s definitely a lot and will keep you satisfied for a while. You should go and try them at Café le Marché.

Eggs Benedict @Café le Marché

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