Al Zaytouna Kitchen

After traveling to the Lebanon my friends and I decided to test the Lebanese cuisine in Vienna. Al Zaytouna Kitchen got good reviews online, so this is how we came up with the place. Al Zaytouna is clearly not a place where you want to while away hours, but it does have a couple of tables and the overall atmosphere is comfortable. It’s a small place with a rather large bar which serves no alcohol. So keep that in mind.

My travel companion was as always averse to sharing food, so she got herself a veggie box which she ate all by herself.

veggie box and foul @Al Zaytouna Kitchen

My other friends were more adventurous and we ordered the cold starter mix which includes hummus, Motabel Betenjan, Muhammara and Taboulé salad. We got as well a bowl of Fatoush salad, hummus with meat, Sambusek with cheese,

cold starter mix and fatoush salad @Al Zaytouna Kitchen

hummus with meat @Al Zaytouna Kitchen

Sambusek with cheese @Al Zaytouna Kitchen

With all of that we got some French fries and Patata Harra, which are spicy oven-roasted potatoes.

let’s share a meal @Al Zaytouna Kitchen

What you can leave out though with really good conscience are desserts. They are way too sweet and baklava really doesn’t need to be so overly sugared. You can’t go wrong with the coffee though.

coffee and baklava @Al Zaytouna Kitchen

Everything was really quite delicious and, except for a beer, this dinner was missing nothing. Al Zaytouna Kitchen is a good place to try Lebanese food. It might not be the most fancy place but they definitely know how to cook. This will be my go to place when I have a spontaneous craving for Lebanese food. Yours, Pollybert

Al Zaytouna Kitchen
1010 Wien, Walfischgasse 4
Tel: +43 1 370 5439
Mon – Sun: 11:00 – 23:00

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