Breakfast at Café Eiles

Café Eiles is a typical Viennese coffee house. The place is exactly like it was 150 years ago or at least it feels this way. There have been a couple of renovations in between though and the service personal is probably better looking nowadays. I like coming here once in a while to meet for an early breakfast with no frills and just enjoy the atmosphere for a bit. Here Vienna still feels like in the old times, probably a reason why tourists and locals alike frequent the Café Eiles.

dining room @Café Eiles

As I said this is a no-frills place, so don’t expect anything fancy for breakfast. I usually go for the soft-boiled eggs and a slices of bread with butter and chive. The eggs are shelled and come in a glass. That’s so neat and so typical for Vienna. I am only missing butterfingers. But on the other hand I can cut up the bread myself if I so fancy.

soft-boiled eggs and bread @Café Eiles

My friend typically orders the scrambled eggs with nothing else. Imagine that, they just come plain. The eggs are soft and not overcooked. All in all you don’t get disappointed at Café Eiles. The world is still in order in here.

scrambled eggs @Café Eiles

Coffee comes on a little silver platter with a glass of water. I love this old-fashioned style. It’s neat and just the way it should be. Coffee needs to come with a glass of water. Coming here always makes me feel good. Not just because I am meeting a friend but the place feels so familiar. Nothing has changed here for more than a 100 years. Except that smoking is forbidden now. Even in Vienna. Yours, Pollybert

coffee and water @Café Eiles


Café Eiles
1080 Wien, Josefstädter Str. 2
Tel: +43 1 4053410
Mon-Fri: 07:00-24:00, weekend & holidays: 08:00-24:00

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