Woracziczky Gasthaus

After some another visit to Asia I was looking forward to a typical Austrian meal. Something fried if possible. The right place to go for that is the Woracziczky Gasthaus in the 5th district. This restaurant has two dining rooms, a smaller one upon entering and a larger one in the back. Overall there don’t seem to be more than ten tables. So making a reservation is essential, especially since this a popular neighbourhood place.

We got a table in the back room and unfortunately the acoustics there are not the best. The six of us could not all talk together because one end of the table didn’t understand the other. Since every table in room were booked, it was quite loud. I also have to apologize for the bad quality of the pictures. There was not enough light.

But let’s move on to the food. We ordered two soups, one beef broth with Frittaten and a second one was a cream sweet potatoes. Both of them got high marks and tasted delectable.

beef broth with Frittaten @Woracziczky Gasthaus

cream of sweet potatoes @Woracziczky

We moved on to the main dishes and I ordered my fired food. I chose fried chicken with potato salad and the chicken was lovely. Juicy and tasty and exactly the way you want your chicken. The potato salad was maybe a bit on the sour side but worked well together with the fried chicken. No picture though, I got hungry and ate it.

Two of my friends, the ones with the soup, ordered a starter as the main dish. The goose liver plums tartlet with brioche sounded dreamy. Too bad than that there was way too much cream in it and the dish was over cloying and rich. Definitely not a winner.

goose liver plum tartlet @Woracziczky Gasthaus

Better fared the grilled winter vegetables with ricotta, also a starter dish, which my friend ordered with a side salad. It was a nice enough portion and had a variety of vegetables.

winter vegetables with ricotta @Woracziczky Gasthaus

Another one ordered roasted catfish with saffron risotto. While the fish was perfect the risotto was also to rich. Weird, because usually I love it when there is a lot of butter and cheese in the risotto. But this is the feedback I got and she didn’t finish it. So there must have been something in the sauce maybe.

catfish with saffron risotto @Woracziczky Gasthaus

Best of all fared the fried mushrooms. This is a dish I never make at home because who has the time to bread and fry all the mushrooms. My friend loved it and the sauce tartare with it was perfect. As I said, fried dishes always work here.

fried mushrooms @Woracziczky Gasthaus

If you want some typical Austrian food that Woracziczky Gasthaus is the right place for you. As is also typical there are mostly meat dishes on the menu and just a few vegetarian dishes. The fried dishes were clear winners, the rest was rather unremarkable. Also important, they only take cash. Yours, Pollybert


Woracziczky Gasthaus
1050 Wien, Spengergasse 52
Tel: +43 699 1122 9530
Email: gasthaus@wora.at
Mon – Fri: 11:30-14:30, and from 18:00 on

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