Breakfast at Öfferl

Öfferl is a new bakery in town which makes really amazing bread. I also like their sweet stuff, unfortunately. So it was high time to go for breakfast there. I had tried it one already but the line up was too long. I really don’t want to line up anymore. So that time we went to Café Engländer for breakfast. This time we already met at 8:30 and it was no problem to get a table.

What is a problem though is the distance to the next table. The tables are so close next to each other, that the person who sits on the bench has problems going in and out. Also, you can follow every conversation without the slightest effort. I hate that. With that being said, I like the dining, the minimalist chic of the concrete floor and walls. This has a very calming effect.

dining room @Öfferl

Which is definitely necessary when you see the prices here. Because everything except for the sweet breakfast and the healthy ones (granola and porridge which I never order anywhere) is over 10EUR. And by a lot. Which I find almost impudent. I know the bread from Öfferl is excellent and the location is great, but theses prices are terrible. All of the products are organic by the way. So maybe that’s the reason. But still.

We ended up ordering their open-faced sandwiches. My friend went for the smoked trout, with red beets, an egg, and horseradish. While I ordered the version of onion, winter vegetables, and apple. Both slices of bread are thickly cut and topped high with our selected choices. Of course the Öfferl bread needs to be thick, this is what they are selling here in first place.

open-faced sandwiches @Öfferl

The smoked trout sandwich hides the trout well. I guess it must be in the spread, but I can’t be sure. My friend was actually asking if I saw it somewhere. So not really sure if there is meant to be an actual piece of trout on the bread. What you have in abundance though is horseradish which covers the poached egg. Also the bread had too much of the red beet on it. Well meant, not so well received.

sandwich with smoked trout and red beet @Öfferl

The winter vegetable sandwich fared slightly better. I liked the taste and the vegetables on it. But overall it was boring. There were not enough spices to give it this little notch. In the end I ate a lot of veggies on a slice of bread. The pickled red onions were not enough to elevate this dish out of its blandness.

sandwich with winter vegetables @Öfferl

Not every bakery makes great food. This is my conclusion after this visit to Öfferl. The bread is fantastic and I will keep on buying it, but I definitely won’t come again for a sit-down meal. I really hate it when there is not enough room between the tables and one sits almost on the lap of one’s neighbour. I am also not convinced by these sandwiches and the few breakfast options. Öfferl falls into the category ‘Been there, done that’. Yours, Pollybert


1010 Wien, Wollzeile 31
Mon-Sun: 08:00-20:00


  1. wonderful dishes, enjoyed the great review

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