Lisboa Lounge

On a Saturday evening with a large group of friends you need to make reservations everywhere. This also counts for the Lisboa Lounge, especially since the restaurant isn’t all that large. There is a smaller room right upon entering with a bar, and a larger one which is accessed through a couple of stairs.

the bar at a later hour @Lisboa Lounge

Since we were a large group a lot of different starters were ordered. Like the sardines. A dish I wanted to have as main course but unfortunately there was only one portion available. I quite like that some dishes sell out. This tells me that the food is fresh. Luckily enough I was allowed to taste them, and the sardine were lovely. Nice acidic taste from the vinegar but not overpowering.

marinated sardines @Lisboa Lounge

Also a winner was the pan-fried goose liver with Port wine, onions and chili. Slightly spicy as promised but very tasty.

pan-fried goose liver @Lisboa Lounge

Someone shared the peeled king prawns in garlic chili sauce as starter. They looked a little bit bland and boring, but were polished off anyway. So I assume they ware good.

king prawns in garlic chili sauce @Lisboa Lounge

And finally I ordered the codfish carpaccio. It was delicious and I ate it without the accompanying balsamic vinegar which didn’t fit at all. The fish was fresh and melted in the mouth. Really lovely.

codfish carpaccio @Lisboa Lounge

My main dish didn’t fare so well. More codfish was to come, this time with potatoes, olives, and a hard boiled egg. Unfortunately my individual dish didn’t contain almost no fish. There were two pieces not larger than my pinkie nail inside. That was not really generous for 13,- Euro.

oven roasted codfish with potatoes @Lisboa Lounge

Better was the creamy codfish gratin and the Portuguese style fish risotto. Both dishes got good reviews.

creamy codfish gratin @Lisboa Lounge

fish risotto with herbs @Lisboa Lounge

The chicken casserole also got no complaints as well as the pan-fried squids with potatoes.

chicken casserole @Lisboa Lounge

pan-fried squid @Lisboa Lounge

Overall the food seemed boring though. Most side dishes were potatoes, there were no veggies, and there was no wow effect. Except for the dessert. The Pastel de Nata was really delicious and to die for. Honestly I could have eaten three of these little ones, instead I shared one.

Pastel de Nata @Lisboa Lounge

But is the dessert enough to come for dinner? I don’t think so. Also the upper room is not really enticing to linger and the place was empty by 11pm. So we were not the only ones who felt it was time to go. Maybe just pick up the Pastel de Nata for to go. Yours, Pollybert


Lisboa Lounge
1040 Wien, Mühlgasse 20
Tel: +43 1 9670061
Mon-Sat: 12:00-24:00

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