Der Froschfänger by C.O. Buchacher: An Austrian student goes to Manaus to study the habitat of the maki frogs. That in itself sounds rather boring but was actually the most interesting part of the story. After visiting Brazil and Manaus myself I had at least a picture of what he was talking about. Unfortunately the author also writes about his love life. The love story is rather a declaration of his sexual prowess though. The book doesn’t deliver any believable reason on why he falls in love. Or maybe telling a guy that he is sh*t in the sack is enough? I can only recommend it with a caveat: for nature lovers and skip the love scenes.


The Authenticity Project by Clare Pooley: I love it when you get surprised by a book. A good story and a nice, quick read. So what happens when you tell the truth instead of showing the world your make-believe life? All of a sudden it gets easier and good things can happen. The story of a group of strangers who meet with the help of small book called “The Authenticity Project”. It’s fun to read how the lives of these fictional characters change.


I Was Anastasia by Ariel Lawhon: The story of Anastasia is well known by now. Also the truth about her. The book was insofar not spoiling anything but I guess, I wanted something more. Which is unfair because the author tried to deliver facts as much as possible. Lawhon only took small liberties with her main character and still it left me dissatisfied. So I guess it’s Anastasia’s life which lacks a happy ending and just doesn’t make for a happy read. Also the timeline was all over the place, not something I enjoy.


Die Deutschlehrerin by Judith W. Taschler: This was a very enjoyable book club read. Especially so since the book is thin and kept me enthralled. What a change from the previous paperback I read. Not really sure why I still force myself to finish books. In any case, this one I wanted to finish. What a twisted ending but loved how the story got there. The German teacher and the author go way back, so of course once they get in touch again they rehash the past.


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